Data Files

Data files can be uploaded manually, or sent via API. The system can accept CSV and Excel (xlsx, xls) files.

In case of manual upload the upload facility will appear in views. Choose the file connector and click on the Load data button.

Before you can upload data files the connector must be configured via Admin->Integrations->Connection setup.

Each connection between file and specific module has separate set of parameters configured individually.

List of file connector parameters

File has header

Set to Y if the CSV/Excel file has column headers. If the file has headers they can be used with mapping, if there is no header then column indices (0,1,2 &c) must be used instead.

Skip rows from top

If your file contains rows above the column header row you can skip them. The processing will start on the next row. If blank the processing will start at the top of the file.

Excel sheet name

Specify Excel sheet name to process. If blank then first sheet in the file will be processed.

CSV field separator

Field separator character e.g. comma(,)or semicolon(;). For tab-separated fields use escaped control character \t.

CSV decimal separator

Decimal separator character e.g. period(.) or comma(,).

CSV thousands seprator

Thousands separator if the file has been preformatted, e.g. comma(,) or space(\s).

Category field

Field notation for category ID. See the field definition syntax below.

Week field

In case the source file contains week field it must be formatted as yyyy-00-ww.

Date field

Field notation for date.

Date format

In case of CSV this is mandatory. If Excel column is formatted as date the dat is handled automatically.

Default category

In case category ID is missing this value will be used.

Closing balance @ retail

Field with inventory closing balance at retail value i.e. selling price x quantity. If this is not readily available you can calculate the field using field notation (see below).

Closing balance @ cost field

Field with inventory closing balance at cost value i.e. item cost x quantity.

Closing balance quantity field

Field with inventory closing quantity.

Orders @ retail field

Orders @ cost field

Orders quantity field

Shrinkage @ retail field

Shrinkage @ cost field

Shrinkage quantity field

Orders @ retail field

Orders @ cost field

Orders quantity field

Store / channel field

Customer / segment field

Default store/channel

Default customer

Sales @ retail field

Sales excl. VAT field

Sales cost field