Advanced Settings

Default prefixes

Default prefixes are used in the following cases:

  1. Erply returns report with warehouse code not present in the Store dimension. This can only happen if the data load long time (i.e. lot of data is being fetched from Erply), and some security settings are changed during this time.

  2. Erply product is assigned to a group which also contains subgroups. In ForecastingApp any figure can only be stored at the lowest level of hierarchy. In such cases a "default" item is created in the group hierarchy. Same applies to customers and customer groups.

In most cases you do not need to change these settings.

Refresh interval

Enter minutes how often to check for new data from custom endpoints. If you are unsure about this then you don't need to modify it.

Refresh datasets

Enter dataset name. This is needed if your Erply account uses custom data extraction endpoints. If you are unsure about this then you don't need to modify it.

Extra fields for products

In addition to product labels you can request to fetch additional information such as SKU code or supplier code. This data can be used in purchase planning, for example.

Extra fields for customers

In addition to customer names you can fetch additional information such as email and opt-in flag from Erply. You can use this information to build mailing lists, for example, based on some criteria such as purchase history.

Use Product categories

In Erply you can use two hierarchies to filter products: Product Groups and Product Categories. In ForecastingApp we only support one hierarchy. By default we use Product Groups and here you can change this setting by entering Y to this field.

Use Supplier as vendor

In Erply each product can have multiple attributes denoting its origin. ForecastingApp supports only one Vendor property, and defaults to Erply Brand. You can change this by entering Y to this field.

Erply backoffice URL

This setting is deprecated as ForecastingApp automatically detects this.

Notification email

If you enter a valid email address here ForecastingApp will send you status reports when data load has been completed, or error message in case any errors were encountered.