Adding Items Using New Menu Editor

Follow these steps below for each link you want to configure:

Note the identifier ForecastingAppMenuItem. You will need this to use in the following section. You can choose any meaningful words to uniquely identify the the configured link. 

You can add as many URLs and identifiers as needed by  repeating the definitions inside the ready function callback.

Insert the following code snippet to the editor box. Please refer to the Erply plugins API for full details.

// -------------   region start - ForecastingApp iframe -------------

$(document).ready(function () {

let url = `${apiSessionKey}&cc=${customerCode}&embed=true&redirect=true&params=style:erply,hidemenu:1,go:app`

ErplyJsApi.registerIFrameWindow('ForecastingAppMenuItem', url)


// ------------- region end -------------

Menu editor documentation{CLIENT_CODE}/?lang={LANG}&section=plugin&IframeName=ForecastingAppMenuItem

Note the bold parts: