Purchasing and Replenishment

With purchasing module you can analyse your stock needs to place orders with vendors, perform allocation from distribution center or between locations.

Store Allocation

Store allocation calculates merchandise movements between locations. This allows you move goods from one location (distribution center) to other locations.

The calculation takes into account the sales forecast and current inventory levels for each location and proposes movements between them without creating shortage in each.

Buying from the supplier

If products have continuous supply and the lifetime of a SKU is more than one year you can use Order Sheet to view and modify proposed orders by vendor and product category. This is also applicable when you are planning purchases that are available from vendor e.g. in-season replnishment.

SKU-based purchasing recommendations produce better results if the lead times are relatively short (few weeks) i.e. it is possible to react to changes in demand quickly.

If the SKU is seasonal (e.g. fashion and apparel) the option curve analysis and matrix purchasing split by category and vendor makes more sense.