Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you may get an error with description "goalseek error". This occurs when you try to change single low-level value whilst want to keep the top level value by reallocating other low-level values, or siblings. This technique is utilized in the Product Mix input form.

Basic idea of the reallocation:

Now consider the situation where you have created a custom rollup which includes the week 48. And you still want to edit as above. The problem arises if the system can no longer determine the siblings of the week 48. In this example, should it modify weeks 48...52, or should it modify weeks 47...50?

This only occurs if the particular element has multiple direct parents.

Possible solutions

  • Try to modify parent item instead (in this example set either 2020-12 or CustomRollup to new value. This may be sufficient if the surrounding figures are similar in value and there is small number of siblings.

  • Use Channel Plan or Inventory Planner where there is no goal seek implemented. Find the data point in question and change it manually. You may also need to edit the values of other data points to maintain desired value at the top level.

Most of the time we recommend the first solution and fall back to the second only if the expected impact of change is significant.