I am getting too many emails, or I don't get notified when I expect

Automatic emails are sent in the following cases:

In order to stop receiving these notifications remove your (or ask to be removed) address from respective setting.

When you first sign up your email will be added to one of these settings and you can remove it or add back as needed.

All other communications are sent by the support team and typically contain important information about the operations or support cases.

Marketing communications are sent when you opt in, and each message provides a link to unsubscribe.

I'm getting 'Too many results to display'

This typically happens in dashboards where you'd expect some top items to appear. What it really means is that there are no results, or more specifically, all results that meet the criteria are qually zero.

For example consider the scenario where dashboard is supposed to return top 5 items ranked by sales value. Now, if there are no sales recorded at all across items, there would be more than 5 items whose sales are equally in top 5 - all items with 0 sales are equally ranked as topmost.

How much data do I need to make a forecast?

Short answer - None. With ForecastingApp you can start planning manually from zero but this is very tedious and one of the main reasons why ForecastingApp exists.

To make reasonable forecasts you need at least 12 months worth of historical data. If you want to use Trendline or Prophet algorithm, 24 or more months are highly recommended.

What forecasting techniques do you support?

You can choose from fully manual to fully automated methods and anything in between.

Typical long-term (12 and more weeks) planning scenario is mostly done using Last Year or Trendline baseline model with manual adjustments. This offers you a good balance between speed and accuracy.

For shorter time periods (up to 8 weeks) we recommend Trendline or Prophet models.

What is Prophet?

Prophet is a forecasting model developed by Facebook:

Prophet is a procedure for forecasting time series data based on an additive model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly, weekly, and daily seasonality, plus holiday effects. It works best with time series that have strong seasonal effects and several seasons of historical data. Prophet is robust to missing data and shifts in the trend, and typically handles outliers well.

How can I manage my billing?

You can manage your billing via the customer portal.

In the portal you can: