Inventory Balancing

Inventory balancing report enables to calculate recommendations for generating transfers between locations.

 By default the report uses short-term demand forecast to calculate the inventory level requirement for each product and subsequently  recommend transfers to reach optimal inventory at each location.

Default report includes the following columns:

If the location dimension is set up hierarchically it is possible to restrict transfers to given location group. The report only includes selected locations, and generates recommendations within selection.


The following  parameters are used for generating recommenations.

Settings -> System configuration -> Inventory analytics

The engine will prioritize the locations when generating locations: first to receive is the one with highest sales, and first to send is of lowest sales.


The main function for generating transfers:


It requires the underlying report to have following field aliases:

The return value is a list of recommendation where each item is a tuple with source location ID as first element, and quantity as last element:


This example recommends transferring 2 units from location '1' and 1 unit from location '2' to the location passed to the function.