Dashboard designer

With dashboard designer it is possible to create complex visualisations from different sources and display them in a compact format. Dashboard can be created from reports.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Select New dashboard from the menu

  2. Click on the designer button

  3. Click Add row

  4. Click Add item

  5. Click on the info icon

    1. Add caption for the dashboard part (optional)

    2. Specify row height to accommodate table visualisation

    3. Select item type

      1. Text - static text. By using markdown syntax it is possible to add formatting to the text and create hyperlinks to different dashboards and reports.

      2. Report. Any available report with visualisation enabled. See Report designer for details.

  6. Repeat step 5 until dashboard is ready.

  7. To save the dashboard click on the info icon next to the heading and enter desired title.

  8. Click the save button.

    1. It is possible to share the dashboard to your organisation. To enable sharing click on the sharing button and save the dashboard. To unshare the dashboard click on the sharing button again and save.