Users and Permissions

User maintenance is accessible via Settings->Users menu.

To add new user click on Add user button.

  1. Add a new user. Type in the user's full name and email address or user id. We recommend using user id in case you want to create an extra user for API connections. In this case you can assure that this user cannot set or reset password thus access is only granted with a token.

  2. Expand/collapse user details.

  3. Toggle administrator access. Administrators can access all settings. You can not remove the administrator right from yourself.

  4. Send an invite via email.

  5. Obtain session or app token. Session tokens are valid for 12 hours whereas app tokens do not expire.

  6. Remove user access.

Invite new use

Once you have added new user the system and used email as user id you can invite the user to the system. ForecastingApp sends an email to this user. The recipient can click on the link in the email and will be taken to login screen.

Since she does not have a password yet she can click on the link at the bottom of the form as described here.