Dimension Editor

Dimension editor allows you to create rollups and edit element attributes. In addition to visual editing you can download all elements into a spreadsheet file and upload the modified file to apply all edits at once.

Dimension editor can be accessed via the Settings menu (administrators only).

  1. Your current dimension elements.

  2. Search box to filter the element list.

  3. Edit rollup button.

  4. Edit attributes button.

  5. Add element.

  6. Delete element.

  7. Download all elements to Excel file.

  8. Upload elements from Excel file.

Add an element

To add element to a dimension click on the Add item button.

  1. Click on the Add item button.

  2. Enter element id-s. You can add more than one element at the time by separating them with comma (,). Some characters are reserved for the system: you can not add element id-s which start with number, underscore or dollar sign. Whilst it is possible to use any other character except comma and colon in element names we recommend not using spaces and other non-printable characters as they may cause issues in data exchange especially when you want to edit the dimension in Excel.

  3. Click save

Editing rollup

In order to modify rollup click on the Edit rollup button.

  1. Click on the Edit rollup button.

  2. Activate the element you want to modify.

  3. Grab any existing element from the left side list using the dotted handle and drag it over the list on the right.

  4. Once you release the element is added to the rollup.

  5. Move elements up and down in the rollup. This is especially important when you create temporal rollups.

  6. You can remove item from the rollup using the minus button. This does not remove the element from the dimension.

  7. When you are ready click the checkmark button to apply the changes.

NOTE: Take care when creating rollups from leaf-level items. If you previously had data stored on the leaf element it will be permanently lost once you save the new rollup.

Editing attributes

Click on the Edit attributes button.

  1. Click on the Edit attributes button

  2. Select the element you want to edit. If you select rollup, the editor displays also its descendants.

  3. Edit desired attribute values. Changes are saved immediately when you deactivate the cell.

Deleting an element

When you click on Delete item button the selected element will be deleted after confirmation.

NOTE: Deleting an element will permanently delete the element and any data stored on it. There is no undo.