Data Grid

Data Grid is a main building block of the view.

Depending on the current view it only displays data, or can also be edited. In edit mode you just activate the cell and type in the new value. Once you hit enter or move to another cell the data is automatically saved and the content of current data grid is refreshed.

Data grid also supports cut, copy and paste just like your favourite spreadsheet. On Windows systems you can user CTRL+X, CTRL+C and CTRL-V to cut, copy and paste.

Pop-up Menu

By right-clicking on any cell a pop-up menu will appear revealing additional actions.

Available items depend on what you can do with this particular cell or table. Export to Excel is available in all cells and allows you to download the current table in MS Excel format.

If the cell contains editable data you can also get an option to change value of the cell by predefined common percentages. Remember that you can always type in the desired figure.

Additional actions are data seeding and forecasting, for example.

Bulk Edits

In ForecastingApp every edit is applied to given cell and data below it. For example you can freely change a year total figure. By doing so it also changes data in all months and weeks underneath. Depending on the metric being edited the change is flat (all underlying data points get the same value) or proportional (value is allocated to underlying data points proportionally to existing value).

Same applies to deletions: if you delete year total figure, all underlying data points are also deleted (including their porportions). Entering zero value has the same effect as hitting the Delete key.

We recommend you to be careful - all edits are final and there is no undo. If you merely change the existing value it is easy to go back by entering previous value but if you delete existing value then only way to get back to the previous point is to start over with data seeding.

There is always an option to ask support to restore latest backup but this should be used only as a last resort.