Main Navigation

Main Navigation

When you first log in to the ForecastingApp you will enter the Home screen. This lists quick access to all views (reports, dashboards and forms) in the app.

  1. The Navigation Bar.

  2. Home button takes you to the home screen from anywhere.

  3. Current work item button takes you to most recent view.

  4. Settings menu (this is only available to app administrators).

  5. Help button. Using this button you can quickly access the documentation, or ask a support question.

  6. Personal menu.

  7. The Side Navigation.

  8. You can collapse the side navigation to make more room for your main view.

  9. Navigation menu lists all dashboards, reports and forms in the app. You can expand groups with little arrow on the right to reveal more items below it. You can open any menu item in the new window or tab by right-clicking on it and selecting "Open in new tab" item from the menu.

  10. The Work Area. Work area contains the currently focused item: maintenance view, data view, or welcome screen.

  11. You can access all items in the side navigation directly from the welcome screen.

Work Area

You do most of the work here. It contains your dashboards, reports and charts.

  1. The Context Bar. This is where you change what you see in the dashboard below. Each view may have slightly different items here depending on the purpose of the view.

  2. The Toolbar. Toolbar contains additional items such as buttons and indicators for additional tasks.

  3. The Data Grid. This is where most of the interesting information appears.

  4. The Chart. Charts are used to visualize the business content. Charts are interactive.

Context Button

When you click on the context bar button a menu appears and you can change the business context of the view below.

  1. The Context Button. Each button reveals a menu. Hover on the button to get tooltip about the dimension and currently selected item.

  2. The Consolidated Item. Consolidated items can be expanded by clicking on the arrow on left to reveal more items.

  3. The Leaf Item. The leaf item is the lowest level item, it does not have any descending items.

  4. Search box. By typing some text in the search box filters all items in the dimension using name and Id. Items in some dimensions can be searched by additional attributes. Click on x button to clear search box and return to default view.


In addition to context bar most views also have toolbar. Toolbar may contain buttons which allow you to perform additional actions, or indicators which give you additional information about the content. You can hover the button or indicator to reveal more information about the item.

A common button on the toolbar is the refresh button - an arrow circle. You can use this button to reload the data in the current view.